A while ago I started my first experiments with AI, using RunwayML and Arttoy images. One of the last manual tasks was the sorting through images to clean the dataset. Clean view of a single toy with clean background-Good. Multiple toys or people in the picture, etc. -Bad. Fast forward, I am working on a dynamic Self-Portrait using StyleGAN. I have about 450.000 images now and definitely don’t want to go through that manually.

Basically my dataset is made up of two sort of situations shown in the images below.
Left: Me working, or at least doing something on the…

For about 3 years now, I have been looking at what AI can do — as a Designer. Conceptually exploring what future possibilities are and how the progress of Machine Learning might influence products, systems and services. In that time, there has been amazing progress of the involvement of Designers in the Machine Learning era. Google, Microsoft, Ibm, etc. all have come up with publicly accessible resources. A most recent addition that I enjoyed especially for the section on AI Design element: https://linguafranca.standardnotation.ai . Or a collection of similar resources can be found at- UX ML List.

Also in that…

by Changbai Li and Jan Dornig

It’s almost the anniversary of the last Gamejam we participated, so just in time and way too late, we finally wrote it up to share with you how we tackled our one question: how can Machine Learning be used as a game mechanic.

A 48 hour time-frame, and a two man team that can’t actually write machine learning algorithms from scratch would make this quite a hard sell but thanks to Unity ML agents there is hope.

Unity made amazing progress in enabling Machine learning(ML) experiments in their engine through the Unity ML Agents…

Most tools invented in history are a reflection of needs and desires. Throughout history our tools improved and often the advances of specialized tools have been the culmination of collective wisdom materialized, making profound changes to our societies.

With the advance of self-learning artificial intelligence (AI), like Machine Learning, Neural Nets and similar, we seem to move towards another cusp between what technology can do and the effect it has on society. We are teaching our tools to understand the world in more human ways by making them realize the patterns and relations that govern our everyday.

The reflection on…

Jan Dornig

Eclectic, Austrian Designer living between Industrial, Service, UX Design and Technology — In Shanghai.

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